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Grill Guru

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Grills…But Didn’t Know Where To Ask

May 15th, 2007

The Grill Guru is finally going to start spilling the real nitty-gritty details of grills and grilling. If we don’t have an answer, there probably isn’t one.

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What to Look for when choosing a CHARCOAL GRILL

June 25th, 2007

Charcoal Grills are making a comeback with a redesigned convenience.
With the ease of lighting and cooking with HARD WOOD CHARCOAL, there is less mess and are ready to cook in 10 mins. No more waiting for the charcoal briquettes to turn gray-which takes 30-45 mins. You light the hard wood charcoal and wait 10 mins….then cook.
What do you need to look for in a charcoal grill so that this function is quick and easy?
1) Adjustable Firebox
2) Good Grease Draining System
3) Easy access door or area for easy loading of charcoal & or cleaning out ashes
4) Cooking Grids
5) Accurate Thermometer (to be sure your grill is cooking at the proper consistent temp)
6) Even heat distribution for direct and indirect cooking
7) Ventless Tight fitting Hood (this allows heat & smoke to rotate around your food,
creating even heat distribution and penetration)
We carry Charcoal Grills that meet ALL these points of value.
See our line of HASTY BAKE charcoal grills, & Big Green Eggs

Have you seen the NEW Vermont Castings Signature Gas Grills???

June 6th, 2007

Spice up your new outdoor entertaining area with the newest look in outdoor gas grills. The new Vermont Castings Signature Series grills come in Stainless Steel with Deep Bronze, Mica Green, or Black Porcelain Enamel Lids.
The newest trend in outdoor entertaining is the dual metal look! All the shine of Stainless Steel with just a splash of color to enhance your outdoor living area color scheme.
Visit our website to see this new TWIST with color on stainless steel grills. My favorite is the DEEP BRONZE.

Big Green Egg cookers DO have the better taste-WHY?

May 24th, 2007

Have you heard about the BIG GREEN EGG COOKERS? Wonder why they are so much better flavor than gas grills?

The flavor from the Big Green Egg is from the Hard Wood Charcoal.

It is as if you were cooking over a long period of time with the smokers that use wood logs etc. But the Green Egg is a total ceramic inside so your heat STAYS at your chosen temperature with no hassle of refilling your wood area or watching the temp to make sure it stays within a certain range.

You can cook up to 12 hours or so without restocking the Hard Wood Charcoal. Great for briskets, turkeys, etc that require long slow cooking.

Hard wood charcoal is easy to light. If you can light a candle, you can light this product. Ready to cook in 10 mins on the Big Green Egg.

This is a great smoker/grill for women to use. No parts to wear out and be replaced.

Big Green Egg process is:
Place wood in bottom of Egg - light 2 Firelight Cubes - wait 10 mins for desired temp to be rise - place meat on grill rack & close the lid. Open lid and remove wonderful smoked flavored grilled meat when time is up. EAT and become Outdoor Chef of the block!

How do I know how easy the Big Green Egg is to use? I am a woman and I COOK on one.

Big Green Egg users are nationwide…we are sometimes called ” Eggsters”

Let us hear from you with the Big Green Egg questions or comments

No Secret to the have the ingredients in your kitchen

May 20th, 2007

Try this next time you need a good basting sauce for any chicken, steak, or other beef:
Take any or all of the following from your fridge or cabinets, blend together and marinate your meat. After marinating use the sauce to spread over your meat on the grill.
Soy sauce-Teryaki sauce-Worcestershire sauce-Catsup-Maple syrup-
Bottled BBQ sauce-Any Steak sauce-A1 Steak sauce.
Blend these together with any proportions for a great sauce. (I usually use just a small amount of mustard…maybe a tablespoon)
This is a great way to use bits and dabs of sauces that are leftover.
There are no wrong ingredients or proportions for this recipe.
Do you have a great marinating recipe to share? Let us hear from you!

Outdoor Entertaining has NEVER been easier

May 15th, 2007

Welcome to our Grill Shoppe Blog!

In our community we will try to provide you with all types of recipes, cooking ideas, best outdoor products for your type entertaining…all of it will make your home the FUN place everyone wants to come to. Why? Because we can help you become the Best Grill Chef on your block. Whether it’s hot dogs, prime rib, or stir fry veggies friends will love your outdoor kitchen meals.

Let’s hear from you. What is on your mind with outdoor cooking? Click here to Ask The Grill Guru

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